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Memorial Tributes
to Tom & Sylvia Kress

Memorial Tributes to Tom & Sylvia Kress
President Marina Corodemus addressed parishioners in regard to the One-Year Memorial for Sylvia Kress who is considered among the great people of our Church, a Mother of our Church.  She came to Perth Amboy after marrying Tom Kress and, together, they became Ambassadors of our Church.
In her bequest, Sylvia was extraordinarily generous to the Church she and Tom loved so dearly.

Philoptochos President, Stella Wacker, told stories of Sylvia’s devotion to Philoptochos which, at times, may have seemed overwhelming but was always well-intended through her deep caring and commitment to accomplishing her goals.

Sylvia’s nephew, Simon Bogiages, spoke of Tom and Sylvia’s most caring and good-hearted nature.  The Church and its parishioners became their family; their children, which is why they were so generous on many levels. They were available to the Church 24/7; all times of the day.  He, sincerely, thanked everyone on behalf the Kress family for recognizing their beloved aunt and uncle today.

GOYA Celebrates Summer

Our Goyans celebrated summer with a fun-filled week of summer activities including bicycling through Central Park and scaling the Empire State Building, visiting an Escape Room and pizza, a day at Bradley Beach, a Fourth of July BBQ/swim party and Laser Tag. Thanks to advisors Nick and Cindy Giannakopoulos and Demetra Wagner for making it all possible.