GOYANS & Sights and Sounds

GOYANs at Sights & Sounds

On Saturday, March 3rd, our GOYANs participated in our Metropolis-wide 2018 Sights & Sounds in Westfield, NJ. They performed a group skit, Greek danced, performed individually and submitted amazing pieces of art. On Sunday, March 4th, they not only sponsored a fantastic Spaghetti lunch but displayed to our parish all of their Sights & Sounds and performances. Congratulations to all of our GOYANs and their parents. A special thank you to our wonderful advisors and Sights & Sounds coaches, Nick & Cindy Giannakopoulos, Demetra Wagner, George Kane, Callie Vosinos and our dance coaches George and Despina Markos.

GOYANs performing at St. Demetrios’ Annual GOYA Spaghetti lunch.

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